Whether you are new to waxing or new to me-- let's go over some frequently asked questions!

Where are you located? 

I am located inside a quaint office building in East Lakeview. The address is 611 W Briar Place, Suite 8. You can gain access to the building by using the call box. Just scroll through until you see "The Wicked Waxer" and hit the call button-- then I will buzz you in to the building. There is a waiting area where you can relax and I will be with you shortly.

Will it hurt?

If someone claims that waxing is painless, they are lying. BUT with that being said, it doesn't have to be torturous. I pride myself on offering waxing services that are swift and technically sound. I work quickly but in small sections, with high quality supplies. If pain is an issue for you, I would recommend ibuprofen 30-60 minutes prior to your appointment, not waxing too close to your menstrual cycle, and most importantly WAXING REGULARLY. Really. This isn't a scam to get you to spend more $$$ on frivolous beauty services. It makes a huge difference in terms of mitigating discomfort if you commit to waxing roughly once a month. We can talk about a specific plan for you and your hair growth cycle at your appointment time.

What kind of wax do you use? Soft or hard wax?

The waxes I use for both facial waxing and body waxing are high quality, professional products. I truly believe that tools are just as important as technique. I use a very gentle creme product for facial waxing that has been very well received by my clients. For bikini waxing, I almost always use both hard and soft wax. I find that using both modalities allows me to achieve a completely smooth result without compromising the skin. 

It can be very frustrating when one type of wax is demanded, because it just isn't that simple. One wax is not better than the other. Several things determine what wax would work best. These include but are not limited to: hair type, skin type, body temperature, hair growth pattern, skin resiliency, waxing frequency, general sensitivity, hydration levels, etc. 

I want to provide a custom waxing experience for all of my clients, and part of that requires me to use both hard and soft wax.

Ok let's do this. How should I prepare for my appointment?

First and foremost, if you are getting body waxing make sure that your hair is long enough to be waxed. If you normally shave, it is imperative that you let your hair grow for 2 weeks prior to your waxing appointment. Seriously. The longer you can wait, the better your result will be. Even if it seems long enough and I manage to remove the visible hair, should you come in too soon after shaving, you will have regrowth in a matter of days after your waxing appointment. If you have more questions about this, we can discuss hair growth cycles at your appointment. If you are coming in for a brow shaping PUT YOUR TWEEZERS DOWN. The more unruly the better, as far as I'm concerned. I aim to provide magnificent, natural, symmetrical eyebrows to my clients. Sometimes that requires a period of "brow rehab". We can talk about your eyebrow goals and what that will entail at your appointment. 

Secondly, make sure you are exfoliating regularly the days leading up to your appointment. Drink plenty of water to remain hydrated, as well hydrated skin releases the hair more easily upon removal. 

Lastly, RELAX! It's gonna be okay. We'll listen to Drake and chit chat about weekend plans and before you know it, BAM, you're hairless and walking out the door. 

What is your cancellation policy?

I require 24 notice of cancellation or rescheduling. Should you cancel with less than 24 hour notice, I require 50% payment of services in order for you to book with me again in the future.

What type of payments to do accept?

I accept cash, Chase Quickpay, Venmo, Visa, or Mastercard.